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Frequently Asked Questions Ask a question

  • Does the Sun Link streetcar go to Davis-Monthan AFB? (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:
    Unfortunately, the streetcar system only has one line and does not currently link to the base. The Tucson Sun Tran system has a few routes past Davis-Monthan - Route 3 is probably the most direct to downtown, but the transit system covers most of Tucson.

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  • What's the Boneyard? (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:
    The Boneyard is basically a scrap yard or junkyard for US military and federal aircraft and missile systems, but it is much better organized than any car yard. Many of the planes here are US Air Force spares, but there are airplanes from the US Navy, Coast Guard, and Marine Corps as well as civilian agencies. The Boneyard is the largest aircraft storage and pull-part center in the world, and has been reclaiming spare parts since World War II.

    Technically, the Boneyard is the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG).

    The aircraft are not just left out to rust; any plane or helicopter that might be useful is treated with preserving oil and wrapped in a plastic sheet.

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  • What kind of housing do you provide? Small, medium, large? Is housing expensive? (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:
    The Davis-Monthan Housing Office can be reached here. We provide information on the base, procedures, local city information, and local resources.

    Arizona off post housing in general tends to be larger than housing in much of the US. Whether that's large or small to you depends on what you're used to.

    On post housing costs exactly your BAH. Off post housing rents for $700-$1600 per month, depending on bedrooms and size, averaging $900-$1000. See our Housing page (link above) for more information.

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  • Tucson's dry, right? I garden. Are there yards and gardens? Will anything grow? (1 Answer)

    Answered by Admin:
    Grass and other water-demanding plants are not popular, but dry climate trees and shrubs are, especially shade trees. Cactus and other desert plants are popular (and they are not all spines and spikes). Flower planter boxes and small gardens work, as long as you have a smart watering system. Talk to your local nursery or the Tucson Botanical Garden for more information and advice.

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