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Davis-Monthan Air Force Base is home to the 355th Fighter Wing host unit as well as the 563rd Rescue Group and the 55th Electronic Combat Group.

355th Fighter Wing 520-228-1811
Originally designated the 355th Fighter Group, the wing we know today began in late 1942 using P-47 Thunderbolts and P-51 Mustangs. Right away the group was involved in World War II, flying sweeps and escorts over Europe in order to destroy important enemy locations such as bridges and radio stations. In 1944 they earned a Distinguished Unit Citation for their strike on German airfields. During the Normandy invasion, the group helped to cover the skies as soldiers landed on the beaches. When it was deactivated in 1946, the 355th was one of its commandís top performers in damaged enemy goods. The group was brought back during the Vietnam War in 1962 as the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing and provided over 100,000 bomb and strike sorties on North Vietnam. Their heavy participation earned 12 Medals of Honor, 3 Presidential Unit Citations, and 3 Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards. Although it deactivated in 1970, the wing was quickly brought back in 1971 and assigned to Davis-Monthan AFB. In 1979, the 355th was reorganized into an A-10 Thunderbolt II training unit known as the 355th Tactical Training Wing. A-10 pilots were very successful during Operations Desert Shield and Storm in the early 1990s thanks to their training. In 1991, the training unit once again underwent a name change- this time ot the 355th Fighter Wing- and took on several of Davis-Monthanís existing squadrons. Soon after, in 1992, it became the 355th Wing. 10 years later the wing acquired even more new and existing squadrons and became known once more as the 355th Fighter Wing in 2006. The wing continues to support the War on Terrorism through Davis-Monthan AFB.
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355th Medical Group 520-228-2909
355th Operations Group
355th Maintenance Group
355th Mission Support Group
309 Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) 520-228-8146
12th Air Force
563rd Rescue Group
55th Electronic Combat Group

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